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Pharmaceutical name:
Raw Material: Tadalafil
Pack: 30tabs.x20mg

In some cases man is able to have sexual intercourse but is not able to stay hard for a long time. Can it be called impotence? To avoid misunderstanding the term erectile dysfunction was introduced that includes all types of problems connected with sexual sphere. When erection is not durable, it is still a type of erectile dysfunction but this problem can easily be solved if you find the right treatment.

Tadalafil is assigned for patients with erectile dysfunction. When you are not able to achieve the erection or have some problems with maintaining it then this medication can come to assistance. Sometimes Tadalafil is prescribed for the patient with increased prostate. The product is manufactured by Eli Lilly and received its license as the product created for ED treatment. Only later it was also approved for treatment of enlarged prostate. Tadalafil can also help you to solve your bladder problems. If person suffered from urination problems and felt urgent necessity to urinate then these symptoms can disappear with right Tadalafil treatment.

Tadalafil functions through blockage of a chemical that is in the way of erection therefore the blood flows freely to penis. This is the principle that generic Tadalafil also follows.

In case you acquired generic Tadalafil 20mg. you will find it not problematic to sustain your erection. You will not only get the desired result but the quality of you sexual intercourse can be enhanced. Patients can enjoy harder erection and more frequent orgasms. Those who want to please their partners can purchase generic Tadalafil online. You will see that generic is much cheaper that its branded version therefore you will be able to save much money.

All certainly are interested if it is possible to acquire generic Tadalafil without prescription. Though it is possible to do it we strongly recommend you to go to your doctor first and find out if there are some contraindications or not. Make sure that you do not take some medications that are incompatible with Tadalafil and only then start your treatment.


Usage: It is reported that you have to wait for half an hour before the medication start working. The response can vary depending upon the individual characteristics of the person. Some men reported that the medicine started working in an hour. Then the medication can remain active for 36 hours and this is a good surprise for all those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Though the beneficial effects can come with time only, the person gets normal sexual life and not have relationships problems.When you buy generic Tadalafil you can find it in tablet form. Just as its branded counterpart you can take it on a daily basis (but it should be just a single intake) or it can be taken before your sexual activity to help you achieve hard erection.



Side Effects : According to the research, 3.1% of people who were treated with Tadalafil had side effects. When research was conducted 5,700 people took part in it and it was revealed that headache, stomach problems and back pain were the most widespread side effects. As for less common side effects, the following ones were reported: muscle pain, nasal congestion, facial flushing and pains in limbs.