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  • Brand: ROID PLUS
  • Product Code: 1758785
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $40.00

Manufacturer: ROID PLUS
Pharmaceutical name:
Raw Material: Boldenone Undecylenate
Pack: 1000mg/5ml vial

Boldenone enormous muscles of athletes who want to facilitate the permanent muscle -saving and appetizing preferred drug. Both are available in bulk , but both Boldenon lifetime diet is very important. A person who uses drugs to get concrete results use the drug for at least six weeks . Four weeks after the person using the drug , but the effect of the drug will be less than four weeks, a person who uses drugs is a noticeable effect of the drug can not.

In addition, regular use of the drug after a period of Post Cycle Therapy ( Curing the end of therapy) will help to further extend the process . Boldenone is not a medicine , but a body builder Undecylanate quickly when used on a regular basis your body in the long run can transform. Week 12 in use , especially after the enormous effects.


Usage : The average of 300-400 mg per week is sufficient. Drug should be injected once a week . The dose of drug will vary in men and women . 400 mg per week for men and for women a week are usually already used in doses of 100-150 mg is enough .


Combined : Depot Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate is using in bulk is a very good combination . Acetate Trenbolon in the diet , steroids such as Testosterone Propionate can be done with a variety of treatments . And the feeling of a feature of Boldenon's hunger hear your stomach by eating constantly be hungry . During the diet you too can push the Buddha . However, this situation may change according to metabolism hungry although they have 750mg per week .


Side Effects : Side effects are not much more. Cause toxic effects on the liver will.Drug 400mg dose is taken with low levels of androgenic hair loss , acne , pimples, and the growth of the prostate gland does not cause such results .