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  • Brand: ROID PLUS
  • Product Code: 6166674
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  • $40.00

Manufacturer: ROID PLUS
Pharmaceutical name:
Raw Material: Nandrolone Decanoate
Pack: 1000mg/5ml vial

Nandrolone decanoate is basically in the field of medicine and in people with kidney disease in people with bone growth disorder ( Deca attitude by providing the calcium increase bone strength and mass effect), thanks to people suffering from severe weakness , and weight gain is used to recover more quickly . The use of doping by athletes is more common uses almost every athlete probably used deca . Nandrolone decanoate has a lot of influence on the well-known effects of mass and increases bone strength and health of the poor people who can help in the recovery of health . Nandrolone decanoate Deca is a drug synthesized by testosterone . Thus, the effects of the hormone testosterone is reduced too long . As a result, increased by 25 percent anabolic effect . A drug that is indispensable for mass treatment . From the second week after commencing use typically begins to increase protein synthesis . This concrete effects can be seen after 5-6 weeks . Because of the long ester is a corticosteroid .

Some side effects of the drug on the other hand can be seen . Compared to other drugs side effects of this drug are usually much less . Is kept very small amount of water in the body . For this reason, wrestlers , wrestlers , and water sports on the wrist can be an advantage for the power lifters .


Usage: must be between 8 and 10 weeks . Taking more than 600 mg per week Adverse Effects cause rather than the effect . Dosage of 600 mg progesterone and estrogens in the last deca turns on Article raises the risk of gynecomastia deca is ideal for pruning the weekly dosage is 400 mg ..


Combined : . Many a steroid ester is still the most beautiful and the most efficient combination of testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate is a long ester products as long as the people who use esters can achieve the most effective results .


PCT : Nolvadex 40 mg Cure 3 2 weeks after the end of week, 20 mg nolvadex boyuncada Rose (dosages)


Side Effects : In men, muscle growth , hair growth, deepening of the voice .. Deca and Primobolan , trenbolone , and similar drugs can not be combined Boldenon .. Because .. If you combine different chemical structures and ways of working will increase the side effects is demonstrated blood pressure, heart palpitations, a decrease in protein synthesis , weakness .