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  • Brand: ROID PLUS
  • Product Code: 9982240
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  • $23.00

Manufacturer: ROID PLUS
Pharmaceutical name:
Raw Material: Methyltestosterone
Pack: 30 tabs x 25 mg sachets

Methan volume very fast and effective oral steroid .. The first steroidlerdendir used by American athletes . There is an intense effect on calcium balance . In medicine, many illnesses and diseases generally require protein synthesis and metabolism booster , is used to treat or support . In terms of chemical structure very similar to the drug 17 -alpha - Methyl Testosteron'a . So add volume to users , and is equipped with a very high strength .

Within the first 6 weeks , take 1-2 pounds per week is quite medium. Although it is not recommended for athletes closer to the time period of the competition . Because of heavy water tanks and medications such as Clomiphene and Proviron , to eliminate the effect of the path to get there.

Expert doping├žiler , will start to decrease the effect of the drug at the end of 8 weeks , those who want to continue the Anabol cure , dose increase , instead of a steroid -injected methane adding or leaving off the other 'transition to a steroid are recommended. Example given , Deca - Durabolin 200mg per week or 200 mg per week is used as Primabolan . Duchaine'nin the Book of Daniel , " with Deca and muscle yapamayip Methanedienone alamiyanlarin sequel to leave this job " is recommended.


Combined : Methandienone Oxandrolone or Winstrol tablets combined with a lot to choose etkilidir.Force to mix and measure , however, is used as Sustanon 250 mg . Deca - Durabolin 200 mg per week are used as well .


Use of 20 - 40mg per day are taken between . There are a link between the number of tablets used by your body weight . The expected results are obtained with a maximum in 8-10 weeks . Even those over 40 to 50 mg per day should not use more than 100 pounds . Because , more and more scholars, " the same as Anapolon" does not change the outcome , the risk of damage increases in vain . Namely 8 tablets , 4 tablets of the maximum to be used is not more effective . When the effect of Danabol 3-5 hours per day are taken at least 2-3 times divided . 3 days after drug discontinuation , the active ingredient of the drug in the blood " Methandrostenolone " does not work from . This effect was finished tablets are almanina . But in the urine , this item will remain longer blood , doping control and metabolic risk will enter the state , according to the tests that need to stop taking the medicine before 10-15 days .

Displaying 10 to 20 mg per day dose in female athletes , even won a known extraordinary effects . Female athletes , between 2-4 tablets per day for 4-6 weeks between treatments by the increase of the force development and to have enough .


PCT : Catapresan , Nolvadex and Proviron


Side Effects: High- dose and long -term procurement may be , has the effect of liver -toxic . However, these values ??will return to medium after a period of Disarming . To increase the water storage of the weight of the body , blood pressure (hypertension ) and the pulse is increased leaching . This sometimes requires Catapresan View of utilization of blood pressure . In rare cases the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders back makes acne . Gynakomastie - hardening and on and on the tip of the chest may reveal growth . In this case, Nolvadex and Proviron should be taken. Utilisation doses exceeding 40 mg per day , especially aggression " aggression and unstable behaviors are observed.