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  • Brand: Stealth Labs
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Manufacturer: Stealth Labs
Pharmaceutical name:
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Pack: 10 ml/vial (100mg/ml)

Primobolan Depot ( Metenolon ) is a drug related to the following conditions :

Supporting the processes of post-operative recovery ;

A chronic illness or general weight loss and weight loss ;

Weak bones (osteoporosis ) in support of the healing process in patients ;

States of protein deficiency in the elderly ;

Disease and the patient's general condition requiring the construction of a high-protein ;

Winning the support of the health status of the disease in the healing process ;

Support the healing process in the presence of women with advanced breast and genital cancers ;

Support the healing process in patients receiving long-term steroid treatment ;

So medicine Primobolan Depot, a drug in the body is to support the development process of many construction and increases protein synthesis in the body . The patient's general condition improves , activity, stimulates the appetite. Also different types of blood cells and also stimulates the development process of the construction and other elements related to them .

Primobolan require a prohibitive an estrogen . Especially body builders and athletes with lower body fat can increase the greatest amount of power . Primobolan is an excellent remedy in Definasyon Arnold Schwarzenegger uses in protecting the slim waist was a perfect anabolic steroid . In addition, natural and low androgenic steroid effects because the steroid Primobolan is in an ideal female body builders .


Usage: Long- ester product, it must be injected every 7 days . You need to use for 8-12 weeks . Primobolan Depot is administered by intramuscular injection . The use of Primobolan is usually 200mg per week is recommended. Women need to be using 100mg . Primobolan is one of the 8-week course of chemotherapy started for the first time the use of 5-9 kg of weight to get the body holds some water , but the sudden weight loss does not happen after quitting .


Combined : This is a great cure when combined with one of the products created. Winstrol , Masteron , Oxandrolone ( anavar ) , Testosterone Propionate . And diet in cycles , Testosterone enanthate , Testosterone cypionate , boldenone Anapolon ( oxymetholone ) , trenbolone enanthate , and many other anabolic steroids, should be combined with one or more . Bodybuilders Testosterone and Winstrol tablets or oral steroids such as Anavar can add Primobolan─▒ with the sphere .

PCT : Using livers CURR , reinforce with milk thistle liver protective herbal medicine .

Side Effects : Acne, natural hair growth , oily skin , enlarge the clitoris , penis enlargement , erection , irregular menstrual periods , hoarseness or deepening of voice . Other serious effects bone pain, nausea or vomiting, sore tongue , black, dark colored urine , swelling of feet, mouth, nose , sore throat or fever.