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  • Brand: Stealth Labs
  • Product Code: 664752
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  • $48.00

Manufacturer: Stealth Labs
Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Cypionate
Raw Material: Testosterone Cypionate
Pack: 10 ml/vial (250mg/ml)

The only difference between testosterone cypionate Testosterone Enanthate Enanthate on average 10 days activation continues . Maximum peak to obtain the degree must be injected every 5-7 days .

Activation of testosterone cypionate maintains an average of 15 days . A peak 7 days to ensure that the maximum degree is injected.

The effect is the same. In reaction to the body , propionate pound drug stores and less fluid to be injected frequently . Enanthate is injected every 7 days . The same effect as enanthate, cypionate is longer than the enantat'dan . Nothing was varied .

European invention and widespread use of enanthate in Europe . The invention of the United States and there are many used cypionate .

A natural androgen and testosterone derivative. For therapeutic purposes , in particular, women and children , from strength to strength and is used against anemia . Also used in women during menopause . Makes the strength and muscle development in athletes . Shows a very rapid effect . Best combined with other medications for all doping to them.

In men and increases the ability to have children . Has been used up to now the most popular type of testosterone . Long-term anabolic , androgenic effective corticosteroid . This product was synthesized so far produced the best known and most suitable as testosterone . Another important feature of the price is quite low testosterone enanthate.


Use: The use of 250 mg per week is ideal first start . Already earlier this dosage is enough for an athlete to not use steroids . When to use a long ester shot once a week . Average weekly dose is 500mg - 1000mg.


Combination: The main basic steroid is combined with each drug . Especially Anapolon ( Oxymetholone ) Dianabol , Deca - Durabolin and Trenbolon Acetate ' la cures are very effective results.


Side Effects : The most common side effects aromatizing effect. Symptoms appear in adolescence . When used on a regular basis , your body converts testosterone to estrogen . This is gynecomastia , high blood pressure and cause some side effects such as water retention . Converts to DHT , reduces HPTA function.