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  • Brand: Stealth Labs
  • Product Code: 3796666
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Manufacturer: Stealth Labs
Pharmaceutical name: Trenbolone Enanthate
Raw Material: Trenbolone Enanthate
Pack: 10 ml/vial (200mg/ml)

Esters of short high androgenic and anabolic effect of a drug. Trenbolone , hormone, IGF-1 is important for the body of a body can be produced. Every cell of the human body is important for this . The same family , such as 19-nor anabolic steroid Nandrolone. USING dose should not be more than the first and developments should be checked. Excessive use of the day . Weight gain in strength with a very convenient with making INCREASE . Androgen for women in the highest grade . This steroid definasyon effective , tough-looking , eliminate body fat , but also ideal for very large anaboliktir add muscle . Trenbolone Enanthate red blood cell, but a high level of protein synthesis increased by increasing nitrogen retention designs, such as the elimination of some of the features to minimize and glucocorticoid steroid . 3 HR is not suitable for curing Trenbolon of courses is recommended.


Usage: For 8 Weeks Cures .

The first 4 weeks of 70-80 kilograms, athletes can Trenbolone 200mg 300mg next 5-8 weeks . In addition, during the cure is usually 40 to 50 mg Proviron can offer in terms of balancing your libido levels . Testosterone helps the binding of hormones and the use of Proviron cells are well combined . Same handicap will not fall much so that their hormones .

80 to 100 kilograms in the first 4 weeks of athletes start with 300mg , 400mg at week 5-6 and can be accessed until the last 7-8 weeks, 500mg . This time, I suggest you get a daily 75mg Proviron . If you get in a situation like gynecomastia letrozole 2.5mg per day . 500mg Trenbolone users may have a structure very aggressive .

100 kilograms or more athletes in the 5-8 weeks after the first 4 weeks of 400mg 500mg recommend.

Use of trenbolone do not consume a lot of salt and sugar , can strain your heart , slows down the unnecessary accumulation of fat in the blood pumping and the heart to pump blood more effort.


PCT : To protect your liver , carsil ( CURR ) use , you can eat artichokes ( 1 per day ) 1 sprig of parsley in the morning and in the evening you can eat. These will benefit you in your liver you refresh . Also towed to a location to take milk thistle seeds , 1 tablespoon ground state can consume per day . Liver, kidneys , and certainly as important as the steroid residue, salt, etc. that fixes things on behalf of the kidney to consume 3-4 liters of water . Trenbolone Acetate is used during the curing HCG ( pregnyl ) cycles , such as Clomid or Nolvadex finalized by the end of the PCT.


Combined : Deca-Durabolin or Boldenone to have more power in the muscles of steel use to obtain. He is a force that trenbolone , its density and hardness of the mass sense removes exceptional results . Depot Winstrol , Dianabol and Testosterone is effective in curing mix types of blow molding is well combined.


Side Effects : gynecomastia , high blood pressure , acne , oily skin , hair loss, night , insomnia , sweating, and increased libido , headache , nose, skirting , tensions increased.